Fun food ideas for Christmas

Sixteen days, 15 more sleeps and five more daycare/work days until Christmas. Not that we’re counting. Much. Christmas anticipation is in full force at our house and we’re getting pretty excited about turning the kitchen upside-down with some festive foodie creations. Here are some of the things we’ll be making for our friends and family this year (and some we might keep up our Santa suit sleeves for next year)…

Christmas fruit tree

Regular readers of Fun Food For Kids might recognise this one – we made it a few months ago but it was such a hit that we’ll be rolling it out again for Christmas. This kid-friendly tree is made with matchsticks rather than toothpicks. Great for breakfast, dessert or as a table centrepiece.

Mini chocolate ripple cakes

What could be better than a chocolate ripple cake? One you don’t have to share! Last year we made a Hungry Caterpillar-themed ripple cake but we can’t wait to give these festive mini ripple cakes a try!

Melting snowman cookies

There are a few versions of this floating around on the net (many using marshmallows for the heads) but we think these ones from Baking • Decorating are the most convincingly ‘melted’ snowmen we’ve seen. You could make your own biscuit bases or take a sneaky shortcut and use store-bought ones.

Watermelon christmas trees

These watermelon trees tick all our boxes – they’re cute, simple, tasty (who doesn’t love watermelon?) and good for you to boot. We’ll be whipping these up for sure!

Reindeer cupcakes

These are guaranteed to be a talking point over the Christmas dinner table. You’ll have to draw straws to see who gets to eat Rudolph!

Biscuit christmas tree

I always like to give proper attribution where possible but I should point out that the instructions for this one (on the source site) are not in English. Looks pretty simple though. Pick your favourite biscuit recipe (gingerbread or chocolate would work well here) and some star/flower-shaped moulds of varying sizes and add white royal icing. Simple, yet impressive – we like this!

Rudoph pancakes

This one comes from a great little blog called Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons. Very cute and a good one for the kids to get really involved with.

Santa Koala pancakes

This is our ‘Aussie’ take on the Rudolph pancakes above. For those of you who don’t live Down Under, it’s a koala – one of our national furry treasures. This one was a big hit in our house!

Strawberry Santas

I love these Strawberry Santas. We did our own version last year and I have to say, there’s a good reason we didn’t use the picture here! Let’s just say we probably should have whipped the cream till it was a bit firmer. If you Google “Strawberry Santas” and “nailed it!”, you’ll get a pretty good idea of how ours turned out! Even so, they were very popular (our family kindly overlooked the fact that they were slightly malformed)… What they lacked in grace, they made up for in taste. We may have another go at these again this year.

So that’s our Christmas food round-up for 2014. We hope you got some inspiration from it and have a great time messing up the kitchen! Ho ho ho, hehehe (says she who will be hand-balling the washing up to someone else)!

Hungry Caterpillar-themed party

Hungry Caterpillar Collage

I recently had a request for ideas for a Hungry Caterpillar-themed birthday party. It just so happened that I did exactly that for my littlest one’s first birthday, so I dug up these photos. And since I had them sitting here, I thought I would share them with you. Apologies for the absence of my usual step-by-step photos – the birthday party was well before I had any inkling that it would be the subject of a future blog post! The ideas are all pretty simple anyway, so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out any missing links.

Hungry Caterpillar cake
Hungry caterpillar cake

Make two large rectangle shaped cakes (mud cake works well as its density makes it easy to cut). Leave one whole for the base and cut out the body and the head of the caterpillar. Ice the base with white buttercream. Make three shades of green buttercream for the body and bright red for the head (use a good fondant colouring for the red, otherwise it’ll just end up pink). To ice the body, alternate with the green shades and smudge them into each other a bit. Decorate the edge with smarties (we found giant smarties but a few rows of normal ones would work just as well). Make feet and mouth with choc chips, antennae with chocolate bullets and eyes with green ‘strawberries’ and cream lollies.

Fruit butterfly
Fruit butterfly

Draw a butterfly onto baking paper. Using a wooden skewer (or something else pointy), trace around it onto a cake board so that you have a faint outline on your board. Use this as a guide for where to place your fruit. To make sure you don’t have bits of the board showing through, make a ‘base’ out of large fruit like melons and oranges. Decorate with whatever fruit you like. We cut some stars out of rockmelon with a cookie cutter for a bit of variety. The antennae here were made out of orange rind.

Caterpillar sandwiches
Caterpillar sandwiches

Using one loaf of white bread and one loaf of wholemeal or multigrain bread, cut out circles using a round cookie cutter. Divide both the white and brown bread rounds into three groups (one group for each of the three fillings). Work out how many pairs of bread rounds you have and use the cookie cutter to make cheese rounds for one third and ham rounds for another third of the pairs (the other third will be avocado). Lay out the pairs of bread rounds, alternating between white and brown bread. Then alternate fillings between the cheese, ham and avocado. Cut feet and antennae out of cucumber. Make eyes out of cucumber and currants, securing them into a tomato with a toothpick. Use another currant and toothpick for the mouth. Take a bite out of an apple for decoration.

Butterfly lolly bags
Butterfly lolly bags

These make a great Hungry Caterpillar-themed alternative to traditional lolly bags. I just used lollypops and snap lock bags filled with lollies and tied on with a bit of ribbon. Then I drew eyes onto the lollypop ‘head’ with a permanent marker. To stop the lollypop stick from sliding out from the ribbon, secure it with some sticky tape. When you’re tying the ribbon on, fold the snaplock bags over so you can’t see the snaplock bit.

Other stuff

As well as these things, we took our cue from the book itself and served up things like slices of salami, watermelon, strawberries and cheese.

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