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Welcome to Fun Food For Kids! This blog is a collection of my adventures in food with my little foodie’s apprentice, aka ‘Crackers’.

The seeds for Fun Food For Kids were sewn in mid 2013 when we embarked on the first chapter of our foodie journey, ‘Special Breakfast Sunday’. The idea behind SBS was that every Sunday morning we would make something special for breakfast. In the process, I would hopefully nurture Crackers’ love of food (the kid LOVES food) and teach him a thing or two about cooking.

The ultimate and unashamed aim was to cash in somewhere down the track and demand a weekly gourmet breakfast in bed…

It started out with relatively modest endeavours – things like baked eggs, cinnamon toast and banana jaffles. But as the weeks went on, we started getting a bit more creative. We started making things like pear-cupines and octopus’s gardens. We published our weekly creations on Facebook, mainly because it was a convenient way to keep all the photos together.

Then something kinda awesome happened. SBS started to get a bit of a following. If our weekly post didn’t show up before midday, we’d get questions. Then something even more awesome happened. People started posting us their own creations, inspired by SBS!

So, after one whole year of posting our adventures to Facebook, we decided to create this blog. We called it Fun Food for Kids because we have lots of ideas in the pipeline and they’re not all about breakfast (well, I guess that depends on how you define ‘breakfast’…).

So strap on your apron and get ready to have some fun… because life’s too short not to play with your food!

Tami and Crackers

Christmas pancakes

Thanks for joining us, we hope you enjoy Fun Food For Kids!

PS. Here is a snapshot of some of the highlights from Special Breakfast Sunday…

Fun Food For Kids Jnr Masterchef      Fun Food For Kids - Sunny side up     Fun Food For Kids - Hash brown Teddy bear

Fun Food For Kids - Fruit salad tree     Fun Food For Kids - Waffowl     Fun Food For Kids - Fruit butterfly

Fun Food For Kids - Pearcupine     Fun Food For Kids - Giraffe     Fun Food For Kids - SBS first birthday pancake cake

Credits, from top left:
1. Junior Masterchef uniform courtesy of ‘Aunty Nikki’.
2. Egg owl made with Funny Side Up egg mould.
3. Teddy bear omelette inspired by CupcakePedia (bear made here with hash browns instead of rice).
4. Fruit salad tree inspired by NZ Girl (toothpicks replaced with matchsticks and base made from pear instead of apple and carrot).
5. ‘Waff-owl’ inspired by The Gnome’s Studio (named by us!).
6. Fruit butterfly inspired by LeCookery.
7. Pear-cupine inspired by us!
8. Tortilla giraffe inspired by a combination of The Art of Nutrition and Forbidden.
9. Pancake ‘cake’ inspired by us for Special Breakfast Sunday’s 1st birthday!


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