Fun food ideas for Mother’s Day

With two more grocery shopping days to go before Mother’s Day (hint, hint, Dad!), we thought we’d do a round-up of fun breakfast in bed ideas for Mum. We think all of these breakfasts look too good to choose between, so you might just have to have an ongoing ‘Festival of Mum’ and make them all!

Heart shaped egg in a nest

fun food ideas for mother's day - egg hearts

All you need for this one is a knife (or a heart-shaped cookie cutter if you have one), an egg, bread and a frypan. Too easy!
Source: Reclaiming Provincial

French toast kebabs


Decadence with a healthy twist – guaranteed to make Mum smile.
Source: Tablespoon

Ham and egg cups with hashbrowns


This is one that your little chefs can really get involved in making (and eating!).

Strawberry roses

strawberry roses

We love this one! While the kids will need Dad’s help with the carving, they’ll have fun with the skewering (or if they’re not quite up to that, maybe get them to make some hand-drawn wrapping paper to put around the ‘stems’).
Source: One Little Project

Mini pancake brochettes

fun food for mother's day

At the risk of looking like this post is sponsored by a bamboo skewer company (it’s not, we promise!), we couldn’t resist including these cute little mini berry pancakes. A dash of maple syrup and they’d be complete!
Source: Nugget Markets

I love U

I Love You breakfast

Say ‘I love you’ (literally) to Mum on Mother’s Day with some bacon, a heart-shaped egg and a half-bagel (or your own variation using Mum’s favourite breakfast foods).
Source: Pinterest

We hope you find some inspiration in this post on fun food ideas for Mother’s Day. Whatever you end up having on the menu, may it be a day that’s filled with love, laughter and fun!

Big Mother’s Day hugs,
Tami & Crackers

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